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If you wish to read all or part of the dissertation, or other writings here, contact Joshua Mailman for a login and password. (In some cases a hard copy can be provided.) Look below to download the full dissertation. Click on the Audio and Animation tab above to view some brief multimedia (QuickTime movie) demonstrations of dynamic form.

Articles discussing dynamic form
"Cybernetic Phenomenology of Music, Embodied Speculative Realism, and Aesthetics Driven Techné for Spontaneous Audio-visual Expression" Perspectives of New Music v.54/1, 2016 Abstract Full Text via JSTOR
or email the author for a digital offprint
"Trajectory, Material, Process, and Flow in Robert Morris's String Quartet Arc" Perspectives of New Music v.52/2, 2014, 2014   Full Text via JSTOR
"Seven Metaphors for (Music) Listening: DRAMaTIC" Journal of Sonic Studies v.2/1, 2012, and republished in The Open Space Magazine 15, 2013 Abstract Full Text
Conference and colloquium presentations on dynamic form
"Time's Duality and the Androgyny of Musical Flow" in session on Music and temporal experience in the short twentieth century 50th Royal Musical Association annual conference, University of Leeds, UK, September 2014 Abstract Audio-visual lecture
"Renewing the Riverbed: Critical Aesthetic and Epistemological Purposes for Analysis, Fueled by Performative Theory" in two-day session on Electroacoustic Music Analysis and Listening EuroMAC (European Music Analysis Conference), Leuven, Belgium, September 2014
"Assertive and Furtive Forms and Processes in Post-war Art Music Off-center: Berio, Carter, and Others" Society for Music Theory (SMT), Post-WWII Music Analysis Interest Group, Charlotte, NC, November 2013 and at the Seventh International Conference on Music Theory, Tallinn-Pärnu, Estonia, January 2014 Abstract Press coverage in Estonia.
Review in MTO.
"A cumulative narrative trajectory of the Rite of Spring's introduction, arising from flux of binary-states" Eighth Biennial International Conference on Music Since 1900, Liverpool Hope University, United Kingdom, September 2013 Abstract  
• Interactive Computer Simulation and Perceptual Training for Unconventional Emergent Form-bearing Qualities in Music by Ligeti, Carter, and Others
poster presentation, Society for Music Perception and Cognition, Rochester, NY, August, 2011
Abstract poster
• Duality of metaphor for time and music: applications to computational-phenomenological analysis of musical form and expression
plenary session roundtable on Metaphor, Seventh International Conference on Music Since 1900 / Society for Music Analysis Conference, Lancaster, U.K., July 2011
Abstract Full Text
download audio-visual
• Flux of Upward: A Computational Model of a Textural Device in Ligeti's Late Music"
Northeast Music Cognition Group, New York University, April 2011
download audio-visual
• Emergent Flux Projecting Form in Ruth Crawford Seeger's Quartet (1931)
Society of Music Theory, Indianapolis, Indiana, November 2010 and Seventh International Conference on Music Since 1900 / Society for Music Analysis Conference, Lancaster, U.K., July 2011
Abstract Full Text
download audio-visual
• Dynamic Form (Flux of vertical cellularity in Isaac's Quis Dabit and flux of pitch freshness)
Northeast Music Cognition Group, Yale University, May 2010
download audio-visual
• Dripping, Leaking, Framing, Flowing, and Dynamic Form: Narrative Allusions to Heraclites and Hitchcock
Sixth International Conference on Music Since 1900, Keele University, U.K., July 2009
Abstract Full Text
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• Introduction to Temporal Dynamic Form Theory and Analysis
Colloquium (by invitation), Harvard University, Department of Music, April 2009
• An Imagined Drama of Competitive Opposition in Carter's Scrivo in Vento (with Notes on Narrative, Symmetry, Quantitative Flux, and Heraclitus)   
Music Analysis v.28, 2-3, 2009 (Winner: 25th Anniversary Competition)
Abstract Full Text
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Volume 1 & 2 combined       (Text: front material, chapters 1-8, and references)
                Volume 1 only         (Text: front material and chapters 1-4)
                Volume 2 only         (Text: chapters 5-8 and references)
Volume 3     (Examples: charts, graphs, tables, and excerpts)
Volume 4     (Appendices: glossary, algorithm, and scores)
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Front Material (includes Title page, Acknowledgments, Abstract, Table of Contents, and Preface)
Chapter 1: Text  Introductory Overview of Dynamism and Temporal Dynamic Form
Chapter 1: Examples
(Chapter 1: Score Excerpts)
Chapter 2: Text  Dynamism, Staticism, and their Dialectic Interaction
Chapter 3: Text  Theoretical Bases: Time, Temporality, and Time Consciousness (with Implications Regarding Emergence)
Chapter 3: Examples
Chapter 4: Text  Vessels: A Class of Tools for Analyzing Dynamic Form
Chapter 4: Examples
Chapter 5: Text  Demonstrating the Development and Activation of Vessels (Part 1)
Chapter 5: Examples
(Chapter 5: Score Excerpts)
Chapter 6: Text  Demonstrating the Development and Activation of Vessels (Part 2: Compound Vessels, Including Applications to Genre, Narrative, and Expression)
Chapter 6: Examples
(Chapter 6: Score Excerpts)
Chapter 7: Text  Motivic Coherence and Emergent Quality Flux Derived Dynamic Form Arising from the Compositional Architecture of Babbitt's Whirled Series (1987)
Chapter 7: Examples (includes score excerpts)
                 Appendices (pertinent to Chapter 7)
Chapter 8: Text  Conclusion
References (bibliography)